Our story

About us

Mollificio Lombardo is a historical company producing elastic components on a total area of 18.000 m2, 8.500 m of which are indoor. The use of high tech solutions enables the company to meet the requirements of leading product sectors, both nationwide and abroad.

Our team

Emilio Longoni
Emilio LongoniOwner - CEO
Nicolò Braschi
Nicolò BraschiManaging Director - Controller
Stefano Naldi
Stefano NaldiQuality Assurance and Control Manager
Paolo Messi
Paolo MessiLogistics & Purchasing Manager
John Zambelli
John ZambelliAdministration Manager
Paolo Frigerio
Paolo FrigerioTechnical Office Manager R.&D.
Carlo Colombo
Carlo ColomboSales Manager
Gloria Gandini
Gloria GandiniActive Billing Manager
Gloria Biffi
Gloria BiffiProgramming Manager
Natascia Manzoni
Natascia ManzoniSales
Dafne Chiappa
Dafne ChiappaBilling Manager
Giulio Magni
Giulio MagniR.&D. Equipment Manager
Enrico Pellegrini
Enrico PellegriniShipment Management
Michael Perego
Michael PeregoIndustrialization
Chiara Mazzola
Chiara Mazzola Purchasing Department

Our evolution

Our story

Mollificio Lombardo was established on March 8th, 1932 in the historic center of Milan by Emilio Longoni.
The typically craftsmanlike production was carried out inside a small workshop that was equipped with the first automated machines of the time.
Owing to wartime circumstances, the Mollificio moved from Milan to Carvico (BG), and resettled in an old spinning-mill that had been unearthed by the Italian Air Force. In this new location, in collaboration with local workers and technicians from Milan, the product range was widened and the production capacity boosted.
In the wake of post-war reconstruction plans for the Italian industry, and with a view to achieving high quality production rates, the decision to build a new factory was made in 1960
With a third generation of entrepreneurs rising to prominence, our goal remains unchanged, i.e., investing in technology and service to satisfy the requests of the most demanding clients. Always paying special attention to human resources who represent a firm line of continuity.